December 15, 2019

Launched on ProductHunt today!

Jake Prins @jakeprins

Every time when I started a new side project and was using ReactJS I spend quite some hours setting up boilerplate code. Especially when using Redux for state management. I came up with a little CLI to generate some of this boilerplate for me and noticed how much time it saved me. Eventually, I ended up building a starter kit that could be used for every new project

When I was listening to an episode of the REWORK podcast about selling your "By-products" I thought that if my starter kit helps me saving time, it must be helpful for some other people as well. So here it is: React Milkshake. The simple starter kit for building high-performance React apps!

Last week I made a landing page, set up a Gumroad account, and today it launched on ProductHunt! Currently, it's at place 4, not bad for a by-product. 🙂

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