February 19, 2020

Reached 20k subscribers on YouTube

William Candillon @wcandillon

My YouTube channel about React Native just reached 20k subscribers. Below are the three phases of the channel lifecycle that led to this milestone.

Simple live coding sessions on YouTube.

Dec 17 / Sep 18 (0 to 2k subs)

The original premise of my channel was simple. Even if no one watches the video, it would still be more productive to write code in a focused environment, explaining my thoughts out loud, not checking Facebook.

The “Can it be done in React Native?” series

Sep 18 / Aug 19 (2k to 10k subs)

After finishing a contracting job during the summer, I started to look at the apps on my phone in a very different way. For every delightful user experience, I would wonder: can we implement the same user experience using primitives from the React Native world? This is how the “Can it be done in React Native?” YouTube series was born. This series found its audience somewhat quickly.

Teaching the fundamentals

Sep 19 / Feb 20 (10k to 20k subs)

While I’m having a lot of fun challenging myself with the “Can it be done in React Native?” videos, people have often asked to build videos to teach the fundamentals of gestures and animations in React Native. And at the end of August 2019, Start React Native was born.

Production Tips Anyone?

I have a lot of ideas for the content of the channel, and I’m having a blast implementing them. I am also trying to learn how to improve the quality of production of the videos.

My audio recording setup is quite rough as I live up to a busy road, and my flat doesn’t have much isolation. I manage to remove the background noise by setting a low gain on the mic and by doing some post-processing with Audacity. Now that the background noise removal situation is more or less under control, I am wondering which other post-processing could be applied for the audio to “sound better”?

Since most of my videos are screencasts, the filming of my face is not so important, but I am also trying to improve things there. It’s a slow process. Which YouTubers doing coding screencasts on YouTube inspire you the most?

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