September 18, 2019

MVP is out the door!


Learning React is hard, right? I've been making content for a few years about React (screencasts, ebook, etc) - and last month I had the idea to make screencast versions of the official React docs.

I wondered: would anyone watch video versions of something they can already just read? And - more importantly - would anyone PAY for that?

So for the last few weeks I've been recording the first set of videos based on the React official docs - and when those were finally done, I started building the membership site that I would use to see if anyone wanted to buy them :)

During the same time I started building my audience. Blogging again (at and on

Finally - just today - I pushed deploy, and the initial version is live!

There's so much more to do - but it's a start :) Now I have something live, that actually works, and that people can actually pay for if they want.

Next steps: I'm going to a React conference this weekend, where I'll be able to talk to a bunch of React devs in real life, to see how they respond to the idea. After that I'm giving a talk at a local React meetup, for even more face to face time.

I have also have the next 20 videos planned - so I'd better get to recording!

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