November 16, 2019

20 signups in 3 days after initial launch!

Alper Kemal Koc 🏝️🕹️ @unremute

Just 3 days ago, I launched the MVP of Read15MinsADay.

Just a few minutes ago, 20th user signed up! This is absolutely encouraging and exciting.

How did that happen?

Most traffic is coming from friends, friends of friends, IH, HN and Twitter posts.

This tells me that the product's and especially founder's online presence contributes heavily to the initial growth.

Summary of what's done and stats:

  • Posted the product and milestones on IH
  • With the Read15MinsADay Twitter account engaged with 20 Twitter posts that are about related topics. All those tweets were personal.
  • Posted the "initial launch" news on HN. The post was on the first page for about 20-25 minutes. During that period I could see the traffic flowing in.
  • "Friends of friends" and "IH" are two channels that keep bringing in traffic even when I am not active.

Next challenge: Keep growing. Talk to those first users and improve the product. Find the "fit" we all are looking for.

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