🥳 Crossed $40,000 in revenue!!

When I first started @ReaderMode 1+ year ago, it was just a weekend project - started as just a Chrome Extension.

My goal back then was just to generate a quick few bucks to pay for my food and bills. And I was thinking at that time, if I could generate like $2000 I would so so happy with that.

And right after I launched the very first version on Product Hunt, I already started working on my second extension - thinking that the waves for Reader Mode will immediately died after the launch.

But boy was I wrong. The PH launch was picked up by Lifehacker and Reader Mode was featured in Lifehacker, Lifehacker Japan, Lifehacker Russia and Lifehacker Australia. After that, a lot and lot more news have written about Reader Mode including Mashable, Smashing Magazine, Softpedia and more. You can see all the news here: https://readermode.io/news

Since the launch 1+ year ago, Reader Mode now has grown into a SasS product and became an All-in-one reading, bookmarking, highlighting and research app.

And this year, is where I'll be hustling on bringing Reader Mode to more platforms as well as growing it's MRR. Follow my journey on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryzalyusoff

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