January 15, 2020

10+% Conversion rate in the past 30 days

Pascal Precht @PascalPrecht

Super happy to see that rebase-book.com as a landing page has developed a fairly high conversion rate in the past 30 days.

With 414 product views and 43 sales, the conversion rate reached 10.4 % !

To put things in perspective, the overall conversion rate is at 7.59 % for the last 30 days.

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    Nice landing page. Wow, I never thought devs would bother to buy a book about rebasing in GIT :) It proves me wrong. Good one.

    With that conversion rate, you can push it to see until where it goes. How are you targeting? people? Are you using ads?

    1. 1

      I'm not targeting specifically to be honest. Most of the people that bought the book got to know about it from twitter. I have 13+ k followers there mostly due to my activity in the JavaScript/Angular community. So people know me a little bit.

      I'm also not doing any paid ads. I did put a banner on my company's blog on blog.thoughtram.io but that's pretty much it.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Migrate to Nuxt SSR
    It was great being online, but the site wasn't doing as well as it could do because it wasn't server-rendered. Very kindly Alex Lichter from the Nuxt
  • Start the development
    In 2016 I built a time-tracking app for android. At that time, I was learning programming and the goal for the app was just to practice the skills. Fo