100 Sold Copies

After 6 weeks since the prelaunch of REBASE, I've now sold 100 copies of the ebook! This is a very important milestone for me as I didn't expect so many people to buy it before the actual release. 🙏

One thing I've noticed is that many people who buy the book are following me on twitter and know me from the JavaScript community. A lot of them say they bought the book because the like my teaching style from talks and tech articles I've given and created in the past.

I guess this underlines that it's important to build an audience first.

Here are some stats for this exciting milestone:

Gross Revenue: $1600+
Total rebase-book.com page views: 1750+
Conversation rate (rebase-book.com): 7.5 %
Conversation rate (overall): 6.16 %

Chapters written: 6 out of 9 (yes, I've added one more)

Here's what I've done last week:

  • Fine-tuned chapter 5
  • Continued with chapter 7, about 50% finished
  • Wrote one additional chapter (now chapter 6) about git reset
  • Updated the landing page chapter breakdown
  1. 1

    That's great, congratulations. Did your audience base come only from twitter and the JavaScript community?

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      Primarily yes. This is most likely due to my activity in the JavaScript/Angular community over the past years. Also, I still see that a lot of my page visitors are coming straight from Twitter. So it's a very important channel for me.

      There's also a lot of people coming to the landing page through my company's blog (blog.thoughtram.io), which has Angular developers as main audience as well.

      1. 2

        Thanks! I will definitely check your blog.

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