February 18, 2020

Made $5000+ in Gross Revenue!

Pascal Precht @PascalPrecht

Another week has passed and yesterday https://rebase-book.com has reached the 5k mark in gross revenue.

Sales definitely have been going down since the official release two weeks ago, but that was expected.

I've also reached out to most of my customers to ask them how they like the book and what they are missing. Turns out the feedback has been overwhelmingly good! A lot of people enjoy the introduction chapters that explain the inner workings of Git.

As always here are some numbers:

Total number of sales: 162
All time conversion rate (rebase-book.com): 12.9%

I'm currently working on an article that describes the entire workflow/process on how I've authored and published this ebook in just two months.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter for updates very soon: https://twitter.com/PascalPrecht

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