January 31, 2020

Published REBASE!

Pascal Precht @PascalPrecht

REBASE - The complete guide on Rebasing in Git is out now!
Head over to https://rebase-book.com to get your copy.

Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/PascalPrecht/status/1223177153837248512

After two months of writing chapters, creating illustrations, cross device testing, building the landing page and growing a customer base, REBASE is now finally published!

I'm extremely happy that the project has worked out and even more amazed that I actually managed to put it together within just 2 months!

This is just the first version and I'll keep iterating over it as feedback comes in from my readers. I'm also planning some more goodies around this ebook so keep an eye on this space.

Also, just yesterday, one day before the released, the sales have skyrocketed due to the 40% discount. Will share some numbers soon in a blog post about my authoring and publishing process.

If there's anything you want to have covered please respond to this thread: https://twitter.com/PascalPrecht/status/1224101076749733900

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