January 9, 2020

Sales still a WIP, but Tech is getting compliments

Fitz Nowlan @fitzn

We have built a lot of the core features now for our automated website/webapp testing product and lately we've, at least internally, felt like we're right in the ballpark of feature parity with existing automated testing solutions (and maybe even better in some areas :) ).

Over the course of the 4 months we've been on Reflect full-time, we've oscillated between marketing/outreach/sales and product development. We never go exclusively on one thing, obviously, but we'll have weeks where we shift focus between the two. After finishing Test Editing over the holidays, we're shifting into a period focused on outreach and sales.

The milestone for today is that in our latest batch of demos, our tech is shining and potential customers are noticing. This is an amazing feeling. This isn't a project we built to spec like we did years ago in school where if it passes the auto-checker you get an A and feel good about yourself. This is tech we just built to our needs and now it has apparent value.

First-time viewers/users are impressed with the tech and the conversations seem to be changing in nature from skepticism, or polite detachment, in the past to real critical thinking about how they can use this tech at their company. It's kind of become a non-question that this tech can be of value for automating their manual regression tests. So, while we're still figuring out the sales process for this industry and product, the tech has value.

It's not so much a huge rah-rah moment, as much as it is quiet validation of this vision and our consistent effort. Slow and steady wins the race. Just keep swinging that axe and eventually the tree will fall.

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