November 30, 2020

Made $1500 in one week

Abinaya from Remote Leaf @abinaya

After the Black Friday deal announcement, we’ve noticed bigger interest in our Lifetime plan options 🎉

  • Many of our existing subscribers switched to a Lifetime subscription.
  • I know it's not a lot of money but this means a big achievement for me. It's kinda great validation. This little tool is useful for them, so they are trying to subscribe to the service for a lifetime plan. I'm happy with the results.
  • It's not an MRR increase but good to have some nice money, right? :D

Here is the Black Friday Deal ->

Thanks, everyone for your support 🎉

  1. 2

    Congrats on your Black Friday deal success, Abinaya :)

    1. 1

      Thank you Monika! Congrats on the recent success of the Blogging for Devs community. 👍

  2. 1

    WHOA!!! nice job! now, do that EVERY week!!

  3. 1

    Congrats for the milestone, Abinaya!

    Just a couple of thoughts I'd like to share:

    • I think the site's design resembled a bit too closely. I'm not sure who got off first with the design but I'd suggest changing at least the theme's color. Plausible is growing at a very incredible speed. Apart from me, I'm certain many others would've recognized the striking similarity almost immediately.

    Other than that, Remote Leaf is an amazing project - kudos to you and your team!

    1. 1

      Hi Yusuf, Remote Leaf and Plausible are based on the theme library called developed by creators of Tailwind CSS.

      1. 1

        Yep! BTW Tailwind was running a Black Friday deal too that I subscribed to :)

      2. 1

        Ah, I see. I'm really sorry for the feedback, Abinaya. I have never used Tailwind — only Bootstrap and Bulma. I used to get the same reaction when I used Bootstrap before! I guess that's one downside for using CSS frameworks — you'll have tens and hundreds of websites using the same theme.

        Anyway, what matters most is content and Remote Leaf's content is wonderful. Congrats again!

  4. 1

    Hey @abinaya congrats on the new milestone.

    Did you publish the Black Friday deal anywhere? Also out of curiosity since it's a one time revenue, how do you plan to use it?

    Some founders put it aside for a few months as a back up in case something goes wrong , some start expanding their services/features etc.

    1. 1

      Thanks @Nakkeeran! It's still available on the site ->

      Yes, I'm planning to develop a sub-product for Remote Leaf, which lists down the huge collection of Remote Companies hiring Remotely in 2020.

      1. 1

        That list would be awesome. More and more companies are starting to hire remotely. I can see two value added features which would really help job seekers.

        1. Job seekers choose their skillset and when a company is hiring a relevant position, Remote Leaf emails the users about the job.

        2. Companies who are hiring candidates based outside USA and Europe. Alot of job seekers from Asia and the Middle east face the problem of most companies seeking candidates from USA. With European companies, they are a little more open to hiring candidates from Asia and Middle East since they dont mind the few hours loss in time difference.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Migrate to Nuxt SSR
    It was great being online, but the site wasn't doing as well as it could do because it wasn't server-rendered. Very kindly Alex Lichter from the Nuxt
  • Start the development
    In 2016 I built a time-tracking app for android. At that time, I was learning programming and the goal for the app was just to practice the skills. Fo