Signed up fifteen teams!

RemoteRetro has matured enough to have paying customers for just over a year; we added the ability to subscribe your team in July 2018 (at the request of a now-customer... thanks Myles!)

We've made some incremental tweaks, improving reliability and speed, as well as adding some new features, plus a full rewrite of the interface to have retrospectives in React, and I'm having to consider it less a side-project, and more a side-business!

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    @markcipolla that's amazing! congrats. curious to know how you got those teams to sign up?

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      🙏🏻 Thanks

      Some of our first customers are in fact ourselves; we made it to scratch our own itch, and eventually our employers became our first beta customers.

      Surprisingly, the next few customers were a little random; I'm not entirely sure how they found out about it, I'd not spent much time marketing... I'd added it to an online list or two of tools for remote teams.

      Beyond those, friends in the industry who've given it a try, and seen it in action!

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    Nice! Well Done 🙌

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