November 17, 2019

Automated Unlock Premium

Sachin Jain @sachinjain024

In August 2019, we started giving our Requestly Premium free for 90 days when the user does certain activities like

  • Sharing on Twitter
  • Following us on Twitter
  • Rate on the Chrome Store

We got huge traction and roughly 250 users unlocked premium while helping us gain more new users from their Social Media channels.

We manually entertained those requests and wrote a script to unlock the premium for the given user information. It was a real pain to unlock the premium for the users after every 2-3 days.

This weekend, I coded for straight 5 hours & automated the premium. Now, when the user visits and submits the form user gets 30 days of premium instantly. No manual intervention.

Huge relief and a pleasure to see the new users unlocking premium with these activities.

Drop-in your questions and I'd love to answer. Or feel free to reach out on [email protected] (yeah we are going to move to very soon)

--Sachin, Founder @ Requestly
Committed to make Requestly a world class product

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