November 7, 2019

New REST API, New Website Design

Chris Vincent @sayhitovincent

Oh boy! It's been a wait but MAN is it a good feeling! On today's agenda we're proud to announce that our new home page is now live and our Developer REST API are finally seeing the light of day.

For those who don't know, creating an API from scratch is quite the feat of nature. It takes a stupid amount of planning, implementation, testing and thinking "is this easy" to pull it off.

We hope you like what you read, because we're quite estatic right now!

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    Beautiful docs -- really looks like a quality API. Aaaaand very orange haha ūüėÄ

    Slate is great for docs! I had considered them for Saasify, but we ended up going with Redoc because our platform generates docs dynamically based on OpenAPI specs (example docs


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      Very orange? Pretty much. It's on brand which was our aim.

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        I honestly didn't mean for that to be a negative at all -- sorry!

        Just seemed like a fun point of interest compared to many launches on here because it's unique in a very positive way :)

        Congrats again!

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          No, you're ok! I was agreeing with you. :)

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    I like the website redesign, looks clean and not a boring run of the mill color palette. Cool animations around a few of the buttons, props. I might suggest increasing the font size slightly on the Text in the logo?? the white thin 'Invoices' is a little lost in the light color background for someone looking with fresh eyes was a little difficult to find the company name. Product looks prime, I'm sure its going to take off. What platforms have you leveraged most for marketing?

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      Cheers for the compliment, much appreciated.

      For a few more specifics on the API build, we used a combination of techniques to build it up.

      At the ground of it we use JSON schema documents to create specifications for each method, test the live API endpoints and even test that our sample JSON docs are correct.

      From there we use the (common) Slate documentation framework (, but with our own little twist to it. You'll find that there's a whole lot of customisation on the branding , just to make it all stand out a little more, and be a little easier to read.

      We use Markdown to write up the top and bottom of the documentation. The endpoints themselves are dynamically built from the JSON schema files themselves.

      Hopefully this helps you out a little?

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        This comment was deleted 8 months ago.