September 17, 2019

Landing page finished

Mehdi Sakout @medyo

I paused the development of the MVP to release the landing page first, so I can gather some early adopters that can help to test, suggest, and share their feedback.
The landing page development took me 2 days, I've customized a ThemeForest template and adapt it to reThumbnail needs


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    Looks interesting, what would make you different than other image/thumbnails editors out there?

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      There are few competitors and honestly, they're not really suitable to youtube, reThumbnail is 100% specialized in designing youtube thumbnails. We offer all the necessary tools from designing, exporting to measuring.
      If you've any suggestions about some cool features that'd like to see, feel free to share them

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        I consider as a competitor and many other similar image editor.
        I'm not saying that to discourage you god forbid, but to help you think outside the box being different than them.

        Here is some feature suggestion (not sure if it's exist or not)-

        • Background remover from an item/object. For example if you want to include inside the thumbnail your face from some selfie photo. I saw some editor doing it, forget the name unfortunately.

        Also, I would love to be early adopter and try your software :)