October 24, 2019

Published my first NPM package

Erik Edin @321k

I've published <BankDeets/> on npm, a React form for collecting bank details in any currency, compatible with

http://bankdeets.co (or npm install bankdeets)

  • SWIFT and local payments
  • 20 currencies
  • Translations (en, sv, dk, no, fi)

TransferWise uses local banks around the world to make payments cheaper and faster.

But local formats vary, and you might feel like you need to be a bank details expert to get the right info.

No longer. Try for yourself: http://bankdeets.co.

Why did I build it? With http://returnstracker.com, I'm helping a friend's ecomerce business improve their return order process.

We needed to collect bank details in multiple currencies that works with TransferWise. Hence BankDeets.

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