December 17, 2019

Acquired competitor SalesCamp

Brady Cassidy @bradycassidy

Rewardful has officially acquired rival SalesCamp to become the leading affiliate and referral platform for SaaS companies.

The acquisition further solidifies Rewardful’s position as the leader in the market and will help accelerate their product roadmap. “If you go to the footer of almost any eCommerce store, including Amazon, you’ll find a link to their affiliate program. However, the majority of SaaS companies have yet to tap into this lucrative growth channel which is counterintuitive given their high margins and recurring revenue,” said Brady Cassidy, Co-founder of Rewardful. “This acquisition will help us fulfill more of the pent up demand.”

Rewardful makes it incredibly simple for subscription-based companies to setup, automate and manage their affiliate, referral, influencer and partner programs all under one umbrella. Most existing solutions are complex to setup and built for eCommerce, and thus, break during the common scenarios for SaaS: free trials, recurring payments, upgrades, downgrades, plan changes, cancellations, chargebacks and disputes.

For existing customers, Rewardful will continue to operate SalesCamp as a separate entity for the foreseeable future and assures customers their service will remain uninterrupted during the transition period. However, new customer signups will be directed to Rewardful where the majority of the new product development will be focused.

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    That's great! The first acquisition must be a thrill.

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      It's been a thrill and a learning experience for sure! 😁

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