July 10, 2020

10 paying customers. And 500 email subscribers.

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

It seems like I naturally check in here every couple of months or so. And each time I've made progress. This time I've more than doubled my email list.

I've not done a huge amount to promote it. I decided to use Notion for my website, which some people can't understand, but other people seem to love it. 😆

For me, I love it and it's super easy to update. And anything that saves me time is a massive bonus for me right now.

I've also started talking more, gone on a couple of podcasts and done a couple of talks. This all helps build up general awareness.

Writing has been something high on my wishlist for a long while. I've struggled how to make progress with it. Part of me wanted to do an (e)book, or maybe a course. I thought about preselling something. But I didn't make any progress.

I realise now that I have to do it in steps, life is just too busy for me to make a full product. Hopefully in time it will evolve into more. For now, I will commit to writing 1-2 times a week.

This is why I've chosen the newsletter route. I've shown up weekly for over 40 weeks now doing a free curated links newsletter for community building. It's become enough of a routine that I felt ready to do a bit more.

The weekly curated newsletter will continue for free as it is, and is essentially a lead magnet.

Also, I'm conscious about not doing too much for free, I decided to go down the paid route. Opting for Substack mostly because I already used it my time is seriously limited to set up anything else.

Of course I'm going to treat my newsletter list as more than just an audience. I'm throwing in access to a private Notion database – I pulled some of it off from my main site and I'm adding in more areas for paid subscribers. I also plan to do video/meetups, still need to figure those out, but they will come.

I launched on Monday with a simple tweet and haven't done much else, and I'm now at 10 paying subscribers, the majority of them paying annually which is nice.

I opted for a $200 per year or $20 pm price. With a current 25% off until the end of August.

But honestly, I feel in my element at the moment. Whilst I did some great things at Ministry of Testing, I never felt able to step up and do things with my own voice. So now is my time, I suppose. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Substack link: https://rosieland.substack.com/
Website link: https://rosie.land

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