50 paying newsletter subscribers! ⛅️

It's been 2 months since I started my paid newsletter and this is where I'm at.

50 paid subscribers (I have one away for free), $8k+ annualized revenue, creeping closer to 1000 email subscribers in total.


I won't lie.

It's been tough, but it's also been amazingly rewarding.

Some interesting points to take away from it:

  • I've never written so consistently in my life
  • I hosted a meetup, got more to come!
  • I continue to add to my Notion resource weekly
  • Wondering whether to call paid members Rosielanders or Prosies, what do you think? 🥴
  • I'm now often referred to as someone who builds in the open
  • I get tagged into posts alongside Lenny (who has done amazing stuff with his paid newsletter + community)
  • I have a guest post coming on Monday, helps me breathe a bit.

I had opted to make my curated newsletter free and add in other stuff (articles, meetups, Notion) for paid subscribers. It has worked well so far, though a little manual of a set up for coordinating things.

I need to ramp up my promotion of it, mostly I wanted to focus in on the habit of writing and delivering things of value.

My dream is to get 1000 subscribers, slowly but surely!


  1. 3

    Prosies sounds like Scottish slang for prostitutes.

    Sorry 😂

    “Did you see all the prosies on that street corner?”

    1. 1

      Ah, lol, I did not know this. 😬

  2. 2


    Saw this post and thought you might be interested.

    You can now sign up for the beta of NoCodeLetters. NoCodeLetters is the easiest way to send your newsletters to your subscribers directly from Notion.

    Sign up for the beta https://www.nocodeletters.com/

  3. 2

    Congrats Rosie!
    Also “Prosies” is 💯
    Or Rosieland Fam has a nice ring lol

  4. 1

    Way to go @rosiesherry! Thanks for sharing!

  5. 1

    Congrats Rosie! I subscribed and really enjoy the content you put. You've convinced me building a community is the way to go. Also, +1 for Rosielanders :)

  6. 1

    Congratulations @rosiesherry and thank you for sharing! :)

  7. 1

    Awesome awesome, always rocking @rosiesherry ♥️

  8. 1

    Congrats!! It's super inspiring to follow along.

    Have you asked your paying subscribers what it was that made them decide to switch to paid? Mostly because they're just interested in hearing what you have to say about community, or any other motivations?

    1. 2

      I think it's a mixture.

      There are people there who have appreciated my work over the years and signed up straight away.

      Others signed up because they appreciated the curated newsletters I put out and wanted to support.

      There's long time community professionals there too who are there for my insight/angles.

      There's also quite a few who don't know much at all about community and are looking for guidance in getting theirs off the ground.

      1. 1

        Haha I'm in the last group :D It's cool to know there's some diversity in motivations!

  9. 1

    Prosies is cool.

  10. 1

    Well done! 👏 It's a long road for us at https://eastly.co too but hopefully we're on the right track!

  11. 1

    👏👏 All the way to 1000!

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