January 10, 2020

150+ points on HackerNews

John Bae @tyherox

Nothing always goes according to plan.

This time around, it was unfortunately for the better - I think? Wish we were better prepared for the explosion!

Our previous 3-day all-nighter sprint resulted in Ryeboard rising all the way to #3 on HackerNews and lingering in the top 10 for around 8 hours or so with 179 upvotes.

Stats are as follows:

  • Total visitors: 12.3K users in 24 hours
  • Total users: 440 users
  • Conversion rate: 3.5%

While HackerNews does usually have low conversion rates, part of the very low conversion rate is attributed to some page breaking bugs and landing page mishaps in the early phase of the explosion!

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