December 28, 2019

Just got featured on BetaList, heyho!


Wow, I just had an email from them with the link

It took less than 2 weeks! So, I wonder how they determine the period of waiting and why it's so different for different startups (I had a project that got featured too but much later).

Anyway, if you like the project's idea, please like it. THANKS!!

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    Congrats! Though, I misunderstood that you were featured on 'Yahoo!' i.e. :)

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      Okay, I changed the title :)))))

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      Thank you!
      Yeah, it's just rapturous joy!

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    Nice work, I hadn't heard of before but it looks like a good place to be featured.

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      Yeah, it can bring you some traffic. And they have some requirements for pages and working services. If you don't want to wait you can pay ($129 or so) - they say one month but it was less than 2 weeks in my case.

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    Well done that's great. What sort of increase in traffic to your site did this produce?

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      Well, in relative numbers it's huge but in absolute - not very impressive, just a couple of hundreds :))) but it's okay, I'm just creating awareness :_)))