June 2, 2020

Crossed $10k all time profit in a 3x month!

Cory Zue @czue

May was a massive month for Pegasus. I almost tripled my previous best month with over $4K in profit.

The increase in profit has come from two complimentary things that I did this past month:

  1. Creating a promoting a guide to integrating Django and Stripe.
  2. Adding an "Unlimited license" at a price point of $550 - slightly below 3x the cost of a single-site license.

The Django Stripe guide did really well on Reddit and has gotten picked up by a few popular Twitter accounts, including @ThePracticalDev (190k followers) and @fullstackpython (50k followers). It appears to have created a small, but significant step change in traffic, even after I stopped promoting it. And I know of at least two sales I've made to people who found Pegasus through the article.

As for the Unlimited License - I added it after a few people asked about using Pegasus on multiple projects, and seeing a similar option in related products. I was definitely not expecting to make any sales quickly, but ended up making three in the first week for a total of $1650 revenue - more than any previous month in total. Goes to show how big a lever pricing can be.

I wrote about these in more detail in my monthly open retrospective here, in case you want more details.

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