10 paying customers!

After sharing SaaSFrame on Linkedin & Twitter, I just reached 10 paying customers!

I only offer a 9$ monthly plan for now so my MRR is over 100$. I'm pretty happy with that number after only a few days.

I've noticed a real increase in the number of subscribers after releasing the "save for later" 👌

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    This is awesome! Did you add any messages along with the share of your application that you think helped?

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      Thanks Carlysle! Yes the Linkedin publication was made by a marketer who works at Spendesk (top French SaaS) and who made a long message to explain why she loved SaaSFrame. I think the fact that the publication was not from me but from a user really made the difference. She had 300 likes and 100 comments and it generated more than 2000 visits on my website!

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        This was key. Getting someone with a lot of exposure to advocate for you because you created a good product.

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          For sure! I wasn't even ready to launch it when she made her post but that's a good thing because it forced me to finish in a few hours the features I had been polishing for months.

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    Btw, I posed that as a serious question — I’ve wanted to do something similar, but within my industry I’d get bombarded by copyright holders because I would be benefiting way more than them, and they’d likely win if they stuck it to me because in the end the artwork itself, screenshot or not, does belong to someone else and I would indeed be profiting off of displaying other people’s work. But if there’s a workaround, I’d love to hear it.

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    So what happens if, let’s say a designer or company claims you’re violating copyright by profiting from their work by including their original work within your product? Let’s say they’re referencing a landing page, which contains an illustration. Even if you don’t flinch, what if you get served a cease and desist? Just curious.

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