November 19, 2019

10,000 page views in a day

Stan Bright @StanBright

Google Analytics graph

OK, SaaSHub had 10,000 page views yesterday. This may not seem much to many, but it is a big milestone for me. To be honest, I'm not sure what's the exact reason behind the growth for the last 2 weeks; however, the fact is that rankings on Google have increased. I've done a number of small changes here and there and any of them might be the "culprit".

The two most significant changes are:

  1. page titles have been renamed from "Top 12 Product Name Alternatives" to "Best Product Name Alternatives".

  2. I've removed the "nofollow" tag from a lot of links pointing to relevant external articles.

I have a feeling that the second change could be it. So many websites are using "nofollow" links only and everywhere, that Google may have started giving preference to sites with regular links. Of course, that's just a theory that I can't prove. Anyways, if you think that makes sense, you may consider giving a go to a similar strategy.

And again, if you are working on a cool new software-related startup, please, don't hesitate to submit it to SaaSHub.

p.s. I'd have loved being able to post an image along the status update / ping @channingallen

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    p.s. I'd have loved being able to post an image along the status update

    @harrydry gave a good explanation early this morning. Here you go (the third green arrow in the image below points to the syntax for Markdown images):

    Indie Hackers uses Markdown in posts. So for example, The Nike Story I posted looks like this in edit mode =>

    alt text

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      Thanks! Yes, that's how I added the image. I just expected to be able to upload it right along the post. Anyways, I know what to do now.

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    Congrats on the latest milestone @StanBright . I'm working on analysing 400+ SAAS pricing pages and publishing the analysis sometime in December. It'll be just a website with the stats (resource) for SAAS founders to fine-tune their pricing and pricing page UX.

    Would it be a good fit to publish on your website? It's not a software but rather just a resource.

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      Sure thing . It'd be a good fit. When submitting your website, please, identify SaaS Pages as a competitor.

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    👏 Congratulations mate! To another 10k!!

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    congratulations @StanBright ! Keep going bro

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    Well I think you have a huge number of products and that's a very interesting content for SEO.
    Nice job ! Well done.

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    Nice work!
    😳 ~95k products listed, that’s a heck of a lot of product!

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        it's all three of the listed. Automation + manual curation + user contributions.

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    Congrats on your milestone. Way to go. :-)

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      1. No. Not yet.

      2. You can surely link to SaaS Hub.

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