October 2, 2019

77,686 approved products

Last week I added a new dynamic data point to the homepage of SaaSHub - the number of all approved products. As of now, there are a total of 77,686 approved products. It may not seem much, but it's just 5,000 behind one of my top competitors - AlternativeTo. Of course, the number of listed products isn't paramount. What is most important is the quality of the suggested alternatives and content in general. And, I believe, SaaSHub offers better results in most of the cases.

The next milestone in this regards is having more approved products than AlternativeTo and offering even better results.

How are products listed on SaaSHub?

  • Manually submitted by product owners
  • Manually submitted by myself
  • Automatically discovered from blog posts comparing relevant products or other software directories

The end goal is having all major products and new startups listed on SaaSHub and being able to recommend the best alternatives.

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