77,686 approved products

Last week I added a new dynamic data point to the homepage of SaaSHub - the number of all approved products. As of now, there are a total of 77,686 approved products. It may not seem much, but it's just 5,000 behind one of my top competitors - AlternativeTo. Of course, the number of listed products isn't paramount. What is most important is the quality of the suggested alternatives and content in general. And, I believe, SaaSHub offers better results in most of the cases.

The next milestone in this regards is having more approved products than AlternativeTo and offering even better results.

How are products listed on SaaSHub?

  • Manually submitted by product owners
  • Manually submitted by myself
  • Automatically discovered from blog posts comparing relevant products or other software directories

The end goal is having all major products and new startups listed on SaaSHub and being able to recommend the best alternatives.

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    how do you plan to monetize it?

    1. 1

      As of last week, there is an option to get a "featured listing" https://www.saashub.com/featured-products .

      As for the future, I might add a section with "Deals". Something like AppSumo, for example. Do you think that could work?

      1. 1

        As for the future, I might add a section with "Deals". Something like AppSumo, for example. Do you think that could work?

        I think only depends on which agreement you can reach with the product owner.

        1. 3

          I also noticed thta you do not have a newsletter.. that could match very well with deals/promotion.. I will immediatelly add it without waiting for the deals page to come..

          1. 1

            What content would you expect in this newsletter? Trending products?

            1. 1

              Trending products, new products, most original .... Top 5 of a category.. products that are shutting down.. you can try many things and see which one is more clicked ;)

              1. 1

                Yeah, you are right. I will most probably work on that in the foreseeable future :)

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    How do you pick who gets on what page? The number of 'points' or votes doesn't seem to correlate.

    1. 1

      There's some info in the "Product Alternatives" section https://www.saashub.com/faq

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    It may not seem much
    To me, it's a huge number. Really good job!
    I wonder when you started and how you collected all those products.

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    Great work Stan!

    I have added AXSAR Solo to SaaSHub, and have also verified it.

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    Wow, that's a lot of products to add manually. Props on doing things that don't scale! Just added SmashNotes.com to your list, hopefully that's one less tool you'd have to add on your own. Good luck!

    p.s. Perhaps you could watch Product Hunt every day and add top-10 popular, or even reach out to HP users to do the same?

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    Congrats! I've not come across SaasHub before, but will be submitting all my projects to it in future. I've just submitted visitmotion.com 🙌

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    Congratulations! I just submitted Zohunt.com and careermove.io

    Bug: If a user tries to submit a site without appending "http/https" it throws an error without information on what happened

    1. 1

      thanks, mate. I will get that fixed.

      you should identify the relevant competitors for both products to improve your listings.

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    This is amazing Stan! Will be such a useful tool for so many industries!!

    Would love to know as I'm building a platform for undergrads and grads (remotegrad.io) to start a remote career, what tools did you use to find all those products and list them?

    1. 1

      It's a custom built platform (on top of Ruby on Rails).

      1. 1

        I see! Thanks for replying :) My question is more of, you mentioned one way of listing products as 'automatically discovered from blogposts/other software directories' - so what does that look like?

        Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you by any chance!

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    Nice Stan! I did not know SaaSHub. I just submitted https://www.joinsecret.com/
    We help entrepreneurs save $$$ on the best software when launching their business. It's totally free. Maybe you'll be interested in some apps for yourself!

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

    1. 1

      Thanks! I've spent considering time in optimizing the speed as well. If you click around, pages should be opening almost instantly. And that's not a single page app :)

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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