Released the first paid option

I've released the first paid option for promoting products on SaaSHub → featured products. It's a flat price of $99/month. By subscribing a product to a featured listing, it will be promoted on the homepage and relevant product and category pages.

Given the popularity of SaaSHub as of now - 25-30k visits per month, a product won't receive heaps of referrals instantly but rather a slow influx of targeted users.

If I have to compare this option with the paid one of BetaList ($700 / week => 250 estimated clicks ), I'd say that SaaSHub will bring the same amount of users but much more targeted. On the whole, it is an excellent marketing option for products with a user lifetime value of $100 or more.

My initial target is reaching 100 products with a paid featured listing. Let's see how it goes.

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    Hi Stan, great idea. When I visited the website of the first product I found on the top of the main section, it showed that the product is not available yet. This wasn't a "featured" category", and I was hoping to try something cool out..
    Do you have some kind of a policy on which products are displayed / which are not? I think what most people are struggling with is to find the best products out of the tons of different options available.
    Hope you figure someting out, best of luck!

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      Thanks for the feedback @a2svior, the approval process is a bit relaxed sometimes at the moment. In general, products that haven't been released are not listed. If you can tell me which product that was, I will make sure it's delisted.

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    Hi Stan...I am interested in this. How about a call?

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      Hi Greg, if you are interest in featuring SaturnFunnels on SaaSHub, the easiest way would be to verify it https://www.saashub.com/saturnfunnels-alternatives and follow the link "Get a featured listing" in the management section. Should you have any other questions, you can drop me a line at stan @ saashub.com

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