November 18, 2019

SaaS Tribune v3

Stan Bright @StanBright

I'm happy to announce that I have released the third version of the SaaS Tribune of SaaSHub. That's the primary top section on the homepage, and its goal is to promote and bring traffic to new and trending products.

New products will be featured every 6 hours, and will stay on the homepage for almost 2 days. The listings will be ordered by the number of approved user reviews. The idea behind this ordering is that I'd like to develop the newly improved "reviews functionality".

Once approved to be featured on the homepage, products will appear there not sooner than 1 week from the time of approval. During that period, product founders will have the opportunity to ask their users for reviews.

In the end, getting your software product featured on the SaaS Tribune should be bringing you as many visits as appearing on BetaList if not more.

If you are building a software product, you can read more how to get featured here

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