January 18, 2020

Free Resources for Indie SaaS Devs

Travis Fischer @saasify

I’m a software engineer through and through.

I’m also trying to do the whole indie entrepreneur thing.

And recently I've started to really appreciate just how important marketing is to building a real business.

After spending a lot of time leveling up on the marketing & strategy side of things, I wanted to share some of the best resources I've found for developers like myself who are also learning to bootstrap, market, and sell their own indie SaaS products.

I figured that other IndieHackers would also find this stuff extremely relevant, so if you're also bootstrapping your own indie SaaS business, check it out and let me know what you think. 🔥

And lastly, what other resources have you found the most useful for leveling up your SaaS game??

Thanks! 🙏


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