August 20, 2019

Forgetting to stop and smell the roses ๐Ÿ˜

Louis Nicholls @louisswiss

Today I had an important realisation.

One of the biggest killers of early stage startups and side projects is a gradual loss of motivation followed by a sudden loss of momentum.

Most indie hackers don't shut down their businesses with a bang, but a fizzle.

And today, I realised that I'm in danger of the same thing happening to me with the Sales for Founders course.

The earlybird enrollment weekend went well. I'm well on track to reach my goal of $20k in presales before the launch in September.

So I should be happy. But in my anxiety to keep momentum going and deliver an amazing product for my new customers, I haven't taken any time at all to reflect on how well things are going and enjoy the journey. So I'm in danger of losing motivation.

In case you're in a similar situation, let this be a friendly reminder to stop and smell the roses when things are going well :)

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