July 3, 2020

Open report June: 🍜 profitability edition πŸ“’

Pierre de Wulf @Daolf

1y anniversary πŸŽ‚ and 🍜 profitability Edition

πŸ’° MRR: $6358 +27%
πŸ’΅ Revenue: $7877 +54%
🀝 New Customers: 22 +46%
😎 Customer Count: 94 +12%
πŸ’” Churn: 11 +100%
πŸ‘‹New Trial: 287 +11%
πŸ”Ž Visitors: 18,200 +30%

So, what did we do this month πŸ‘‡

The huge milestone this month to reach ramen profitability.

Reaching $5k MRR means that we can:

  • pay 2 minimum wages (1200€)
  • taxes
  • servers/tools etc

And not lose money.

Tbh, since we raised money with TinySee we pay ourselves more (2k€).

ScrapingBee is also 1 year old this month and seeing it still alive after 12 months is a victory in itself ✌️.

Especially considering that our last SAAS, PricingBot, only lasted 9 months.

This month we got lucky with revenue expansion. 6 big customers increased their usage.

Kevin's SEO efforts are also still paying dividends +30% MoM organic traffic Clapping hands sign.

We published 2 great pieces of content this month written by πŸ‘ people.

A detailed guide about web scraping in JavaScript, and a detailed guide about web scraping in Ruby.

The later was ✍️ by the talented Sylwia Vargas and was viewed by > 2400 people!


On the product side, we improved our custom routing algorithm and cut our error rate by half.

We also released a new version of our Google API, cheaper and more reliable.


I got used to stumbling across shitty copycat those last few months.

But 2 weeks ago I found one that takes the cake.

Like the others, they copy-pasted copywriting, doc, etc.

But they also took entire paragraphs of our blog posts and even stole our cover image. Funny thing is that this guy is also on IndieHacker and sharing his stolen content with 0 shame.

Our road map for next month is simple:

  • double down on content.
  • improving the speed and success rate of the API

We will also try some new things during the summer.

Kevin and I love to play with new tools and we have several ideas we want to try out

Until next month πŸ‘‹

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