Open report November - $200k ARR

βœ… $200k ARR

πŸ’° MRR: $17,549 (+51%) 🀯
πŸ’΅ Revenue: $21,129 (+69%) 😱
πŸ˜€ Customer Count: 185 (+ 20%)
πŸ’” Churn: 13 (vs 20)
πŸ‘‹ New Trial: 950 (vs 840 )
πŸ”Ž Visitors: 41k (+24%)

Here is what @Daolf and I did this month πŸ‘‡

First of all, we reached $200k ARR. πŸ”₯

The next stop is at $300k ARR.

At this stage, we will be able to pay ourselves better salaries than what we were paid at our full-time jobs two years ago πŸŽ‰

The revenue growth was insane 😱, it is by far our best month πŸš€

We got "lucky" by signing several big customers on enterprise subscriptions in the same month.

πŸ“ˆOur content is still ranking better and better every month.

✍️In terms of content, we spent a lot of effort on a piece about Web Scraping with Charles proxy: https://www.scrapingbee.com/blog/charles-proxy/

We got a lot of shares and backlinks from this one, but the keywords are not that easy, hope it will rank 🀞

I recently started to answer some HARO queries: helpareporter.com

Here is what my inbox looks like now 😱

It takes a LOT of time to filter out the noise, but we got featured on a few media outlet/company blogs.

Any tips on making this more effective?

About the product, @Daolf worked on scaling our infrastructure and fixed a lot of things with our hosting provider.

It can be a bit frustrating on this part, not having the time to do as much as we would like to. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

But it should change!

Support was sometimes insane: https://twitter.com/SahinKevin/status/1334142247290482688

πŸ’΅ We also increased our salaries to 2500€/mo

It feels great πŸ‘

And that's it.

See you next month, happy scraping 🐝 :)

  1. 5

    Incredible progress - it's awesome following your story.

    No crazy growth hacks, no wildly new product idea, just building something people want and grinding it out, making good progress every month πŸ‘πŸΌ

    1. 1

      Thanks Ramy πŸ‘

  2. 2

    Hey @KevinSahin it's great to see ScrapingBee grow month by month. I've been following your progress here on Indie Hackers right from the early days.

    If you don't mind sharing what marketing channels worked best for you in the early days of the product? And what has been the hardest part of marketing?

    1. 2

      Thanks : )

      The hardest part is consistency. Everything is out there online, doing the work is the hardest part.

      In our case, keyword research, writing the best content and promoting it to get backlinks and rank on Google.

      The best channel for our has always been content marketing, even in the early days.

      1. 1

        Hey @KevinSahin thanks for taking the time out to reply back. It's really fascinating to hear content marketing working since the early days. It's certainly an art which very people have mastered. Would love to hear tips or suggestions about how content marketing worked during the early days.

        If you ever do blog or write about it please let me know. Have a good week ahead :)

        1. 1

          Hey @KevinSahin I just across Video to Article through the founder on Indie Worldwide slack group. Since you invest heavy on content marketing would this be of help https://typestudio.co/tool/video-to-article ? Just thought I'd suggest it.

  3. 1

    Cool @KevinSahin.

    I'm interested to use your product for one of my project. But first I would like to know what are the law that are applied for webscraping. For instance I want to scrape some careers websites.

    Where I can find usefull informations about the legal use of that.

    Thank you and good luck. Awesome product. :)

  4. 1

    $17,000 MRR is a sweet number. Especially for european folks from France.
    How did you do it? You still have the bulk of buyers from the USA, right?

  5. 1

    Awesome growth! Congrats~ πŸŽ‰

  6. 1

    Great work! But was there supposed to be an image of your inbox? :)

    1. 1

      Thanks! Yes, basically, they are sending 3 emails in a row, 3 times per day so it's insane and time consuming!

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