February 29, 2020

I got my second paying customer!

Richard Chu @richardchu

Really excited to share that I got my second paying customer for Screenshot Creator yesterday. This customer also subscribed to the $14.99 Pro plan, which brings my MRR to ~$30.

I recently had some doubts about continuing with this app, since I wasn't sure how to continue marketing it, and I didn't think many people would pay for it.

But getting two customers in one month, especially when they came during a time when I hadn't put much effort into marketing, seems to be a sign that people are actually willing to pay. It's a great motivation booster to see that people are getting enough value out of the product that they spending money for it!

I feel super blessed and am definitely re-energized in spending more time improving the product and marketing it some more. In my opinion, SEO would likely be a good marketing channel for this kind of product, although it is quite a long-term play and will likely take a long time to pan out. I may also do some content marketing as well.

Excited to see what the future holds!

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