February 29, 2020

I got my second paying customer!

Richard Chu @richardchu

Really excited to share that I got my second paying customer for Screenshot Creator yesterday. This customer also subscribed to the $14.99 Pro plan, which brings my MRR to ~$30.

I recently had some doubts about continuing with this app, since I wasn't sure how to continue marketing it, and I didn't think many people would pay for it.

But getting two customers in one month, especially when they came during a time when I hadn't put much effort into marketing, seems to be a sign that people are actually willing to pay. It's a great motivation booster to see that people are getting enough value out of the product that they spending money for it!

I feel super blessed and am definitely re-energized in spending more time improving the product and marketing it some more. In my opinion, SEO would likely be a good marketing channel for this kind of product, although it is quite a long-term play and will likely take a long time to pan out. I may also do some content marketing as well.

Excited to see what the future holds!

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    What I can tell you, having worked in my past job as tech lead for an end to end team (meaning we had backend and the entire frontend stack => web, iOS, Android), is that probably in a decent sized company, you have the graphic designer in house, but that's it, the rest would have a value in using your product because it saves a lot of time for 8 dollars. It's probably a matter of discoverability of your product.
    Although, I'm not sure, but you could have as competitor websites like fiverr where you can probably also icons and logo?

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      Helpful to hear that! Thanks.

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    Hi loved your product, created some screenshots it's really awesome, one suggestion the export button takes some time to export which is not the big deal but there is no indication that the export is going on, if you can block the UI will be help full, as you have a limitation on export I clicked twice as I thought the first time it didn't work , and on low-end devices, the time will take more.

    Actually I love testing UI/UX testing, Please allow me to investigate more on your product to find bugs like this, submit a request here https://bugfixz.com/ it is totally free service

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      Thanks for letting me know! A loading indicator would definitely be good to add.

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