February 25, 2020

Changed everything but the code

Chris McCormick @chr15m

I just published a completely revamped version of the landing page for my product: https://hostedgitea.com/

Under the hood the code is exactly the same. It's functionally identical to Self Hosted Git. So why the update?

Speaking to users and running ads revealed something interesting. Few people wanted the "you get root" feature. Most people just want a hosted Gitea box that I manage for them.

I'll continue to maintain the selfhostedgit.com service for people who want it. It costs me very little to have two different landing pages for what is essentially an identical product. With the new site I can try to make a more compelling message for people who just want a hassle free hosted managed Gitea server.

Any feedback on the updated copy and site is very much welcome!

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