December 24, 2019

Adding LinkedIn Comments Box on Tumblr (1st Blog)

Kai Chew @kafechew

I’m using Sensq, a 3rd party comment system based on LinkedIn for Load Plan Optimiser (LPO) project website, which was hosted with Tumblr. In this post, I’m sharing how to add the LinkedIn Comments Box into a Tumblr blog.


  • Popular 3rd party comment plugins are Disqus and Facebook Comments.
  • Embedded LinkedIn Comments Box on your B2B Web for professionals to better engage your contents using their LinkedIn accounts.
  • Step-by-step adding LinkedIn Comments Box on Tumblr Blog.

LinkedIn Comments Box is very easy and useful for Tumblr blogging platform. Although there is no SEO benefits, we’d receive a lot of traffic from LinkedIn and more engagement.

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