December 24, 2019

Launched LinkedIn Comments Box

Kai Chew @kafechew

Deployed Sensq, a dead simple embeddable LinkedIn Comments widget for professionals engaging with your B2B Web contents using their LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn Comments Box

Here are some whys of using Sensq LinkedIn Comments Box:

  • Free
  • Lightweight and Fast.
  • Easy to install once: No registration or javascript required. Simply copy and paste the iframe code into HTML template.
  • Privacy-focused: No advertisements, no third-party tracking, no monetisation and other shady stuff.
  • Zero Spam: Sign in with LinkedIn to comment. LinkedIn users are more likely to have professional conversations than other social networks.
  • Quality Engagement: Upvote insightful comments that add value to the discussion.
  • More LinkedIn traffic: Visitors can choose to share their comment (with our web url) on LinkedIn, reaching more readers and conversations.

Give LinkedIn Comments Box a try and looking forward to your feedback!! :-D

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