Every Wikipedia article table is now an API!

I added a free tool to sheet2api.com this weekend. It lets you create an API from any Wikipedia.org article (as long as it contains at least one table within it).

Give it a try 👉 https://sheet2api.com/tools/wiki-api/

p.s. I also launched this on PH, because why not https://www.producthunt.com/posts/wikipedia-article-table-to-api

  1. 1

    I tried:

    And neither produced any results despite both clearly having tables. Is it because you only limit the results to come from the example or is there a certain type of table it's looking for?

    1. 1

      Some tables are incompatible, it looks like those above are of that type

      1. 1

        Is this a terrible joke? Right in your headline you say, "Every Wikipedia article table is now an API!" and nowhere does it say that only certain tables work and you don't even indicate which type of tables. Are you at least working towards making every table compatible like you are advertising?

        I was initially amazed but now I'm disappointed.

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