August 23, 2019

Sheet2Site got 200 users in G Sheet Marketplace

Andrey Azimov @AndreyAzimov

I always was interested in marketplaces as a magic place where you can get users. Especially when I read success Indie Hackers stories where people used B2B marketplace as a main traffic source.

So I keep dreaming about that one day I will launch some "Serious B2B SaaS" in "Serious B2B Marketplace" 😂.

And last month I had an idea "Maybe I can launch Sheet2Site in some marketplace?"

The best was Google Sheet Add-On Marketplace. Cool thing also that you have access into G Suite Add-on marketplace. This means that if an administrator of corporation that have 100 users will install your add you will get 100 users in 1 install.

1 August I built an Add-on, published it in G Suite Marketplace and in 3 weeks I've got 200 users:

To be fair have of traffic to the add-on came from the main landing page , but another half came organically. Which is cool!

I will share sales later when I will got the full month stat.

I would consider marketplaces as an additional channel of customer acquisition. The beautify of web apps that they can be a standalone app and be in marketplace in the same time.

What good B2B marketplaces do you know?

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