November 13, 2019

Epic Fail

David Granado @DavidGranado

I'm really bad at this.

I've tried a few different angles that had worked great for me on my indie comic account that had 0 impact here.

Rethinking my strategy. I'm realizing that conversations on indie comics are very targeted and will get interactions from passionate people. Shopping lists in general don't draw in this sort of passion.

There's a feature that I'd been thinking about for some time that I actually did see mentioned by people out in the wild. If I added the ability to save prices on a per-store basis and then let you choose your store at the list level, you would then be able to see which store has the lowest prices for your overall needs. Then, I'd be able to hit the "money saving" angle. I mean...who doesn't like saving money...?

However, this could also be my maker brain wanting to retreat to the safety of what I know. REALLY need to work on de-engineer-ifying my head...

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