Podcast Ping Soft Launch

After 37 hours of work that I documented on the one hour saas youtube channel, I'm calling the MVP ready to soft launch.

I was aiming for around the 30 hour mark to get to this point, so I got in the ball park.

Feels strange to build an MVP in 5-6 weeks, most times I try and time box it to two weeks, but in terms of actual time, it would translate to less than a week of full time work.

The bad news? Building in one hour a day is hard! Some tasks are hard to fit into one hour, and effectively managing your time into chunks of work you can make progress in is very important.

If you fail to manage your time affectively, your progress will grind to halt and that can be very demotivating, however...

The good news? Building in one hour a day forces you to make progress every day, seeing that progress can be motivating (in the long term).

If like me you're building in public, the one hour makes it very easy to consistently share your progress. At each stage you have the opportunity to connect with potential users (or fans) and get feedback, and on some days the motivational boost you need to keep going.

From here I'm going to turn my attention to getting some early adopters, for feedback on the MVP and who might help with the roadmap for future features.


Would love for you to checkout the MVP and let me know what you think:

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    Well done, been following your journey! Very inspiring for myself as I've been trying to find the motivation to move forward.

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