April 4, 2020

Published "In Pandemic"

Mubashar Iqbal @mubashariqbal

TLDR: Used my nervous energy to build and publish a new side project: https://inpandemic.com

I've hard a lot of nervous energy since being told to stay at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Side projects are a great outlet for my nervous energy, and so I decided to build something new.

There are plenty of Coronavirus dashboard out there already, so I wanted to build something a little different...Seeing the numbers at a global/national levels was worrying, but I started to think about what those numbers meant for me locally.

I was able to find reported cases down to the county level here in the USA, and so built a website that allowed me to see those statistics and zoom in to a specific area, to see the affect of the the pandemic locally.

I didn't plan on publishing this anywhere, but I shared my local area on Twitter, and some people asked if they could see the map for their local area, so I decided to publish the map so people could explore the data as well.

I wrote more about the details of the steps I went thru build the application at: Building In Pandemic

Let me know if you have any questions.

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