August 2, 2019

I left my job and quit profitable project for this

Patrik Krupar @pkrupar

It's the middle of 2018, and I gave up on my first profitable side-project to pursue something new. My itch was transactional emails - password resets, SSO, account activation, notifications, you name it. My usual process was to find some email template on Github, carefully modify it without messing it up, and send with Mailgun. Just on SSO email, I'd spent 2-3 days. That's just too much time when you're building MVP!

So, I challenged myself to build something that will change that - The goal was that you should be able to start sending emails from your application in under 15 minutes (with no previous experience). The key features to achieve it:

  • Pre-made commonly used email templates (SSO, password reset, etc.)
  • A visual no-code email template editor
  • Simple API for sending

Before I got my hands dirty with the code, I verified the demand by creating a landing page with an option to subscribe for early access. I was fortunate enough that my blog post went viral, and over a hundred people subscribed. Just shy of 150 subscribers, I started coding.

I worked on Sidemail every day in my spare time. Covering good ground, but the progress was slow. 2019 rolled in, I left my job, and started to work on Sidemail full time. The private beta launched a few months after, in March.

During the Sidemail beta, I discovered another itch - I wanted to send product updates and newsletters, and manage my mailing list from under one roof, in Sidemail. So, I built it, but more on that in the next milestone.

Give Sidemail a try! :) It's production-ready. Signup here and get access to the private beta or get in touch [email protected].

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