October 11, 2019

Added live Stripe revenue, but

Adriaan van Rossum @adriaanvanrossum

It's not the magical MRR. It's different than we report ourselves on https://simpleanalytics.com/open but we still want to show it. Why? It's because Simple Analytics is build on trust and being open. The stats we show on our page could be made up (it obviously isn't), but with Indie Hackers we have a third party that has (only read-only) access to our revenue. We can't modify those numbers, so that's why we added live Stripe revenue to our profile.

Hurray for transparency!

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    Offtop: your website has been apparently added to some kind of uBlock list and now is blocked: https://imgur.com/a/FkxoOyJ (sorry for Polish text but I was not able to change it - anyway it states "the reason to block this url is filter "||simpleanalytics.io^" Filter is on the list Peter Lowe’s Ad and tracking server list".
    Perhaps you can contact owner of this list and explain what's the purpose of the app

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      Thanks for letting me know! I tried this before (link), which didn't help.

      To miss no visits I built a feature (link) where people can link a subdomain to our server and bypass ad-blockers. I think this is ethical because we don't collect any IP's or any other PII data.

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        What's the reason of this block? Never seem something like this on normal website like yours.

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    Your level of transparency is amazing, thank you for sharing. If you want more extensive insights, you could consider joining Baremetrics' Open Startups: https://baremetrics.com/open-startups.

    That way you also don't have to calculate the MRR yourself, as - like you said - things get complicated quickly!