October 12, 2019

Landing page with product preview


We set out to create something simple, and we hope that's reflected in by the product name "Single Product Store". Purposefully jumping into a market with plenty of competition, the likes of etsy, square-space, shoppify, etc, hoping we can get a small slice of a giant pie.

Our focus is simplicity, the landing page gives users a basic version of how we envision making a store on our platform working. The niche we're going after are creators that are potentially overwhelmed by other website builder tools. As well as wanting something more boutique than appearing alongside hundreds of others on say ebay.

We've been working on the landing page for just over two months, and next we plan to pay for some ads to start getting feedback.

Some of our biggest concerns going forward are:

  • Should our pricing model be different? (currently thinking of only charging customers a percentage when they successfully make a sale)
  • Is selling only a single product too niche?
  • Did we spend too much time on a landing page and should we have started talking to customers sooner?
  1. 3

    I like the UI, but not so much the color scheme. A happier color scheme would be nicer. Also, without selecting a theme, the entire page looks too empty. There should be a preselected theme.

    1. 1

      I assume your talking about the dark purples of the "app" part of it and not the themes on the right hand side?
      And good point about needed a pre-selected theme 👍.

  2. 2

    Cool idea and could be useful for a certain type of seller - likely people just starting out as they only have one product and are not willing to commit to something like Shopify. In which case you will need to give them guidance on how to get the page to the right audience so they can sell. The better you do that the more you'll make.

    Also it wasn't totally obvious to me that I could actually type in some details straight off, so perhaps just have something saying "Put your product details in here".

    1. 1

      Thanks @Bagodonuts, I think you are right about having to give our customers ways to market their product. They would get a lot more exposure going with something like etsy.

      Maybe we could have some documentation on how to buy ads and suggestions on what ads are appropriate for their product.

    2. 1

      Exactly @Bagodonuts, that's actually one thing I like about it, but am also concerned about. On one hand not getting paid until our customers sell somethings aligns incentives so that it's in our best interest to do everything to help them succeed, but on other hand, maybe the should have to pay something having a store up and live. We can always change pricing later I suppose.
      And yup we'll see what we can do to draw attention to the config area a little more.

  3. 2

    I like the landing and I, also think that this landing page is a sufficient MVP - limiting it just to this interface should be enough for early testing. Small and simple, and the page that results looks neat.
    Why did you decide to go with paid ads right away? Why not try to usual communication like you do here and like you could do in other places (e.g. in these communities )?

    1. 1

      Thanks @a2svior. It's also good to here that you think it works as on mvp, that's what @samic8 and I were going for. 😁

    2. 1

      Hey @a2svior, thats a good point. Maybe we should exhaust channels like indie hackers first for feedback before going to paid ads.

  4. 2

    Happy to take any and all feed back and advice.
    Don't hold back.

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