October 12, 2019

Sipreads Featured by Product Hunt

BAZ @basilesamel

Two days ago, we launched on Product Hunt but it totally flopped! We didn't even get featured.


We asked for feedback on twitter on why people think it happened. The most insightful feedback we got was from @graeme and @anthilemoon (https://twitter.com/anthilemoon/status/1182573102552768514). They both pointed out that links didn't seem like links. People thought the excerpt was the full summary! 🙀

So we updated the heading with underlines and arrows to look like links and improved the newsletter CTA to be more clear.

We did the improvements for the future of Sipreads because we planned to continue adding books anyway. But in a weird twist of events, we were featured today on PH!

And we're #1 Product of the Day as well! Algorithms work in mysterious ways.

Hopefully, we can hold this position till the end of the day

Twitter Flopping thread: https://twitter.com/alisalahio/status/1182409883200741385

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    congrats @basilesamel @alollou!! Turns out quite good that they featured it later, as you can benefit from those fixes. Very happy to see it #1 so far!!

    1. 1

      Yeah, I'm very happy as well :D Yeah, surely fixes helped. Thursday at PH was going to be a tough competition too! Thank you Graeme!!

  2. 3

    Well done, amazing how some real feedback and a little tweak can make all the difference. Had this exact idea a few months ago...I called it book vitamins and did all the fluffy stuff like buy the domain, make a logo and get social media...then moved onto the next shiny idea 🥴

    1. 1

      Yeah real feedback is crucial! What I learned from this experience is I should seek feedback before launch. I usually do it but Sipreads had a very simple UX so I felt it was unnecessary, but that was a big mistake!

      Yeah I struggle with moving through ideas too! Because it’s hard to do the actual work.. It needed patience to produce content that’s valuable enough to launch. Also my co-maker @basilesamel helped so much to get it off the ground :D

      1. 1

        Well it turned out well even though you got this feedback post-launch! So not sure if doing this before launch is all that essential.

        What's your master plan for the future of Sipreads?

        1. 1

          Yeah, it worked out this time, fortunately :D

          For the near future, we'll just push new books on schedule and send newsletters every two weeks.

          We'll see how it goes.. If we have promising results, we can focus on it more and increase the frequency of new books, either through our own efforts or by adding new writers.

          Also we want to optimize the reading experience to make it more enjoyable, add dark mode, and optimize affiliate links because right now it's limited to United States visitors.

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