October 18, 2019

We got our first paying customer! 🎉

Tom Redman @Redman

Site Command got its first conversion and received its first payment! 🥳

This happened roughly 10 months after beginning development, which has been has been sporadic, and one month after "launch".

I've probably put about 100-150 hours in, but am also sharing my time between my day job, my wife and our toddler, and some semblance of a social life – and sleep. If I focused on this full time, think this we'd have gotten here in about a month.

Customer #1 is paying $100/month, which is an amazing data point for us, because our pricing was nothing more than a hypothesis until we had somebody paying it. We were asking $200/month, but I had some transparent conversations with early adopters about this experimental pricing and $100 is where they feel they're getting good value. I also feel like that pricing is more realistic and reflective of the product at this stage.

I will keep the higher price up for a little while longer to gather more data, but expect to drop it and ultimately add a higher-priced tier in the future when there's sufficient functionality.

One interesting thing I've noted is that there is a LOT of interest in the product, but the timing is crucial: Contractors only want to start a trial when they're starting a new project. So I'm trying to capture that moment somehow.

Anyway – we're into revenue and freshly motivated to double-down! Onward and upward to the rightward!

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    Congrats on the first paying customer @Redman . I was about to ask the reason for targeting smaller companies but then I read through all your updates and got the answer.

    Do you have a mobile app or is it just browser responsive? Also I like the section where you ask the potential user to enter their next project date so that you can notify them. It's a great idea!

    Most of these companies have offices, right? How about sending them a physical letter and small brochure explaining the product?. Just an idea because I see lot of contractors here have calendars and souvenirs from their suppliers.

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      Thank you kindly!

      Almost all of these builders have small office. I love your idea of sending them physical mail to their office!

      In fact, I was originally going to hand out $5 coffee cards on their trucks as I saw them around town, but I think it's more prudent to capture them when they're in front of a computer – at their office.

      I'm actually going to spend my first $100 on 20 $5 coffee cards to mail out (along with a little blurb about the product).

      Thanks again :)

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    Congratulations Tom! That's awesome!

    Just checked out the landing page/product and it looks great! I built a somewhat similar product to Site Command around a year ago on a much smaller scale (was used internally at my day job). The Site Management problem space is so vast. That said, it looks like you're doing a killer job at building out your app for the niche!

    Good luck with the business! I've followed the Site Command page and am looking forward to hearing about customer #2 😊

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      Thanks Mykal, I really appreciate it! The site management space is vast, and there are many solutions out there, which is partly why I was a little surprised to find small builders still facing so many challenges.

      What I haven't found yet is an appropriately scaled product with decent design for this segment of builders – which is why I'm building it!