January 30, 2020

The perfect customer onboarding

Miguel Piedrafita @m1guelpf

Yesterday I invited Peter Suhm from Branch CI to the Sitesauce private beta.

He initially reached out to me asking if Sitesauce would work with their WordPress site, to which I responded with a link to a generated static site for their site. He was instantly sold, and I gave him access to the private beta to get their website to production. In less than five minutes, their static website was up-and-running on their main domain.

I've done other onboarding sessions before, but this was the first one where everything truly clicked from the start. He went from registration to production in around a minute with no roadblocks and no questions. I'm starting to feel like Sitesauce can really help people!

The Sitesauce public beta will be dropping soon, so make sure to leave your email on our landing if you're interested to get notified when that happens! (and if you can't wait, DM me on Twitter and we might be able to work out something ;)

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