November 18, 2019

The Sitesauce CLI

Miguel Piedrafita @m1guelpf

I took the weekend to build a CLI for Sitesauce and got everything working!

This is exciting because, until now, you needed to keep your dynamically-generated websites (like a WordPress blog) hosted somewhere (like on a subdomain) for Sitesauce to generate your static sites. With the CLI, you can just open your project's directory and run sitesauce deploy to upload it to Netlify or Zeit, no server required!

As I mentioned, I'm really excited for this, because it reduces the friction of getting ANY CMS-powered website online to zero, just run a command in your local site and it's up, for free!

  1. 1

    What happens if I use it with a website made with bubble, webflow and other tools? Does it work? Do I need to still pay their subscription for the website to work?

  2. 1

    This is really awesome, were "statifying" wordpress sites all the time manually using scripting and it's a struggle!

    will give this a try !

    1. 1

      Hey @zfou! I've also felt the struggle of manually "statifying" sites (Ghost in my case), that's why I started Sitesauce in the first place! It's amazing to be able to just change things locally and know that the static site will be automatically updated :D

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