We just reached 1000 signed up users

1009, to be exact. Here's how we've done it so far!

  • Content: creating sharable and high-value content (like https://slideswith.com/blog/how-to-host-an-exciting-event-as-an-introvert for example) for people in our target area. We even hit the front page of Hacker News with a post about gamifying team building (which lead directly to a ~hundred new users (and one paid conversion!)).

  • Joining communities and creating online live events specifically designed for those communities to 1) show off our tool but also importantly 2) actually provide value to the community's users.

  • Running games & events for our growing network. I ran a super-intense "Harry Potter Trivia Night" where a lot of ringers from Reddit showed up and swept the floor with us. We got larger communities like Running Remote to us us as an icebreaker game. Generally just offering our tool with no strings, with the intent of making these things more fun for people.

It's working!

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