SlidesCarnival.com goes live

In the summer of 2014 I set up the project:

  • I chose the name SlidesCarnival, among hundreds of options that I looked at in one of those web of combining words. The first and second option I had thought of were already registered and I didn't want to waste too much time on that topic.
  • I created a base presentation with the most common slide types (which I selected by having a look at SlideShare). From it I designed 5 templates not to start with an empty website.
  • I defined the structure and categories and set up a website in a day with Wordpress. I was sure I wanted to do it in English so it took me a lot longer to write all the texts for the home page, the instructions and the descriptions of the initial templates.
  • I created the social profiles: Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (later I would add Pinterest)

All in all I dedicated the afternoons of a couple of weeks in July, and left everything ready to launch back from the holidays. In September I sent an email announcing it to family and friends and posted it on my social networks (which I have usually done in other personal projects).

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